Cloud-based* AI-powered Medical Imaging Solution

Prediction of Adult Height by Bone Age Assessments

An AI-based fully automated solution for skeletal maturity and bone age assessment provides real-time patient reports that include child's future height and obesity.

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* Also available as a built-in service

How tall will I be? Height predictor

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* Also available as a built-in service

What is

It is an AI-based solution to measure bone age in children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 15 using X-ray image of the left hand. uses the most reliable TW3 method, providing 97.6% accuracy proven through recognized clinical trials.

  • Prediction of adult height by AIAutonomous

    AI-based Fully Automated

    Automated process from assessing bone age to the reports by simply uploading an X-ray image.
  • TW3 height predictionReliability

    Most Reliable TW3 Method

    Based on the long-proven TW3-RUS, even small bones are calculated to provide accurate height in months
  • Accurate height calculatorHigh Accuracy

    Same Result as Physicians

    Clinical trial results showed no difference between physicians and our solution (95% confidence interval)
  • child's adult height reportDetailed Report

    Ready-made Reports

    Provides a designed patient report that includes various information such as adult height and obesity. Technology

Our service is cloud-based and can be used directly through a web browser without the need for cumbersome installation. In addition, the service can be used flexibly by intergrating various PACS. We provide service in a variety of ways to suit the convenience of our customers.

  • SaaS height predictorSaaS Service
    As a cloud-based service, there is no burden on physical installation and setting costs for new services in hospital.
  • real-time height calculatorManage in Real Time
    Easy-to-use without time and space limitations. Patients and treatments can be quickly managed in real time.
  • Medical image standardsInternational Standards
    A flexible and intuitive service in which medical experts directly participate in development and reflect their opinions.
  • low cost height predictorReduced Costs
    Cloud based. No need for additional equipment or Software and you can use and pay only as much as you need.

How to use

After signing up on this website, you can immediately upload medical images to request AI readings and download reports in real time.

  • How to use Boneage 1

    Sign up at
  • How to use Boneage 2

    After logging in, set the payment method
  • How to use Boneage 3

    Upload X-ray image by clicking 'New Request'
  • How to use Boneage 4

    Enter patient information required for prediction
  • How to use Boneage 5

    Download or print after checking the result
Accuracy of
No difference between physicians and our AI assessment
Accuracy was proven through clinical trials, and as a result, the difference in bone age prediction values between physicians and our own AI was 0 years (95% confidence interval) (standard error 0.04 years, n = 80).
Proven height predictor
Service already
proven in the field
Bone age prediction can be used in various fields such as internal medicine, pediatrics, oriental medicine clinics. More than 100 hospitals and clinics are using our service (as of Apr 2023).
Height Prediction Report

Upon request, users can download or print an 8-page ready-made report in real time, as shown in the sample below. It provides various information such as predicted height and obesity information.

  • child's adult height report 1
  • child's adult height report 2
  • child's adult height report 3
  • child's adult height report 4
  • child's adult height report 5
  • child's adult height report 6
  • child's adult height report 7
  • child's adult height report 8